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Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Smelnick, Sep 30, 2008.

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    Today's money system invokes greed, poverty and several other negative influences. Basically, money influences every aspect of today's society. Whether it be the lack of, the acquisition of, the loss of, the need of, etc etc. I'd be as bold to say, every person in this world in the span of their lives have done something, simply because of their monetary state. A poor man may have stolen because of lack of money. A stereotypical husband may choose to see his kids less, so as to work more hours to increase his acquisition of money. The point is, we all do things because of money and we would all do things differently than we currently do if our money situations were different. Even for myself, as much as I try not to let money influence my decisions, I still fall prey to it. Because of lack of money, I had to decide to move out of my apartment.

    Today's system of money elicits greed and crime and corruption. With all this, one has to wonder, why don't we change something? So many crimes today are committed because someone wanted a quick way to get some money. Why hasn't anything changed?

    I mean, we could all go back to the barter system. I'll give you 20 chickens if you fix my car sort of thing. But then we'd have people stealing chickens. That wouldn't work too well. There's no standard unit either. I mean, how many chickens is a pig worth? lol.

    So my challenge to you is, try and describe a monetary system, that society wouldn't need to base their lives around, that wouldn't elicity crimes and that wouldn't be super hard to inplement. Do you think it's possible? Could we simply change the current one in some way to fix some of the problems? Or do you see no problem with the current one. I'm hoping this is the right spot, otherwise, moderators can feel free to move it. Lets discuss your ideas on money.

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    The problem is you need some sort of monetary or barter system in place. You can't not have one. Even if you just gave stuff away, eventually you'd run out and need more in order to survive. Someone would have to give it to you, or you'd have to take it. Money just makes the barter system easier. It's something that will always be.
  3. Rebeccaaa

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    sorry i cant add anything to this :rolleyes:
    but it just reminds me of a discussion i had with my brother when i was about 8... i was adamant that i had come up with a system, in terms of money, that would benefit everybody in society... i thought that all our problems would be solved if only everything was free :nod:
    but yeh, that idea was shot down to the ground... now i got nothin, at least back then i was optimistic :lol:
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    I don't think that the monetary system itself is the one causing the crime, it's our personal drive to satisfy our needs (be it basic physiological needs, need to possess - we are linked to property, and other higher level needs). Any trade system you put into place, whether monetary, barter or favor types like the LETS will preoccupy people and somehow linked to crimes because of our nature. I guess this would still be the same even if we renounce the idea of property/ownership because at one point, resources supply would be lower than the demand and people will have to fight for it.
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    So basically, you want an idealized form of Communism. You probably don't want all of the corruption and problems that every single form of Communism has had in the real world, but you want the government to say "Everyone gets X, Y, and Z."
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    Ever notice how it's the ones who have no money who always complain about the monetary system?
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    Well why would anyone with money admit to having a lot of money they don't deserve? The New York Yankees certainly aren't going to complain about no salary cap in baseball.

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