9 year old kid scores an incredible goal


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At first I thought it might be fake (hard to trust anything online) but it was on yahoo and there like 5 camera angles.

Poor goalie though...he didnt know what the hell to do!


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The keeper underestimated the kid and though he'd miss. Pretty great goal, great skills for such a young kid.


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Reminds me of myself :lol:

"Not too shabby for a 9 year old, eh? Your heart has to go out to the goalie, though, who's probably still frozen in his crease as we speak."


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It was an incredible goal, but like Goat posted just look at Robbie Shremp, he's been doing that type of stuff for lots of years and he has problems sticking in the NHL, just because someone can do that with the puck doesn't mean he'll be a star in the NHL.