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  1. I know that many people think that people that gave theres lives doing their jobs...are heroes, but I think otherwise, but I do believe they are brave as hell, for wanting to do the job they do, so I am going to make this thread dedicated to any Firefighter, or Policeofficer people know that have died in the line of duty. Myself i know several, but for me the grief is still to near to talk about them, but anyone can talk about about whoever, etc.

  2. I agree with you, Piccolo. When you think about it, 9/11 kinda showed the true colors of those who actually gave their lives to help those people. I can't say that I would've possesed that bravery. I don't know anyone who helped out during 9/11, but I commend all of those who did.
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    I agree these firefighters and policeman and other important people, they knew what they where getting into, and they knew that they didn't have a lot chance to survive, and I really respect that.
  4. They are doing their jobs, and if you actually talk to a police officer, firefighter, etc, they dont considering themselves heroes as well, since they are doing what they signed up for, but that does not make them any less brave, etc. I dont considering the people that died during 9/11 to be heroes either, I just have a lot of respect for them, since they paid the ultimate price doing their job. I will be seeing Gound Zero in June as well, should be interesting.
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    WE already discuss this so I wont get into it, but I agree that they don't consider themselves heroes because they don't want to flather themselves first of all, but this is a different situation, and I really doubt they ever expected this would happen, if they did then lots of them would quit before hand.
  6. I dont think they would just quit, they know the risks, you just dont quit the military, etc.
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    Yeah some of them have more pride then that, but i believe a lot of them will, and I am sure a lot of them refuse to go in the Burning Trade Centre, and probably they felt like cowards at the end, so they gave up their position. But I respect every man and women who risk their lives going into a situation where there's a low risk of surviving.
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    The Bravest
    by Tom Paxton

    The first plane hit the other tower
    Right after I came in
    It left a fiery, gaping hole
    Where offices had been
    We stood and watched in horror
    As we saw the first ones fall
    Then someone yelled, "Get out! Get out!
    They're trying to kill us all"

    I grabbed the pictures from my desk
    And joined the flight for life
    With every step I called the names
    Of my children and my wife
    And then we heard them coming up
    From several floors below -
    A crowd of fire fighters
    With their heavy gear in tow

    Now every time I try to sleep
    I'm haunted by the sound
    Of firemen pounding up the stairs
    While we were running down

    And when we met them on the stairs
    They said we were too slow
    "Get out! Get out!" they yelled at us
    "The whole thing's going to go"
    They didn't have to tell us twice
    We'd seen the world on fire
    We kept on running down the stairs
    While they kept climbing higher


    Thank God we made it to the street
    We ran through ash and smoke
    I did not know which way to run -
    I thought that I would choke
    A fireman took me by the arm
    And pointed me uptown
    Then, "Christ!" I heard him whisper
    As the tower came roaring down

    So now I go to funerals
    For men I never knew
    The pipers play "Amazing Grace"
    As the coffins come in view
    They must have seen it coming
    When they turned to face the fire
    They sent us down to safety
    Then they kept on climbing higher.


    I don't know about the title hero. To me, its all semantics. But these people definitely deserve honor and respect. And I think that arguing over semantic nonsense is really defeating the purpose.
  9. Yeah, hero is a word that I dont take lightly, but they do deserve respect, etc.
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    My grandfather worked for the firedepartment 22years. Although retired, he went down to the World Trade Center, following 9/11. About a year later he was diagnosed with cancer, because he possibly inhaled too many toxins @ the site. I heard many people working near the 9/11 site died of similar conditions.
    It sucks, I lived w/ my grandfather - he was practically my dad. He passed late last year. He was a hero, he died with out showing any signs of pain. Up until he was in a chritical state, he'd act as if things were fine to keep me from worrying. I thought he'd make it out the hospital but i guess not.

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