9/11 was it a conspiracy?

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Babe_Ruth, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    I know it's been six years since the twin towers went down, and we never really spoke about it on the forums. I was wondering if you guys think if it was a conspiracy or a real terrorist attack? And please don't be bias because your an American speak the truth and what you really think.

  2. Stay Away

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    what type of bias would be American?

    I don't know one, conspiracy theories can be from America or the rest of the world, and so can non- conspiracy theories.

    But I've seen enough video footage of the event and heard the accounts and scientific data.

    While someone did seem to gain from the attacks, as many war contracters and idustries made alot of money of the Afghanistan War and Iraq War, the event was politcal homocide for the presiding political party. Whatever they did, they were screwed, they seemed to have to way to retain power after the event. Create a war against a noun and start invading countries you can most easily tie to that noun was the only option against doing nothing.

    Also, one must consider the competency in the government when they consider wether or not they can pull of a massive hoax in two downtown metropolitan areas, as well as how much fame a reeporter could earn for actually uncovering the truth of the 9/11 attacks assuming of course that the government payed off every main media outlet in New York, to keep it all quiet.
  3. Gavik

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    I'm sure it wasn't just a terrorist attack. The Bush Regime and their assorted cronies had too much to gain and all the numbers just don't add up.

    I saw an excellent documentry a few years back called Loose Change, which was about the attacks, and I strongly recommend it to all.


    I also talked to my dad, who's an audio engineer that works with Black box voice recorders and airplane crashes. I asked him about some of the points the conspiracy theorists raised, and he brought up several points about how these were different than other plane crashes. For one, the anomolies in the steel melting were caused by the amount of jet fuel still on board the planes. Also, some of the other things like "The plane hitting the pentagon would have crashed when it hit the light post like other planes have" can be explained by the fact that other planes that hit light posts are usually undershooting the runway and going very slowly, and thus the pole has enough force to down it.
  4. blenderboy55

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    Do I think the government knew about the attacks before hand, similar to FDR?


    Do I think the government was directly responsible for 9/11?


    Do I think Loose Change is a load of shit?


    Basically, I think all the events of 9/11 are true. Muslim terrorists, planes, etc. The government knew, stepped aside, and helped it happen in a Reichstag Fire like event.
  5. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    Per blender, minus the cheap shot at FDR.

    The government had obvious knowledge that there was going to be an attack of some sort, and had plenty of data (or through some basic questioning) would have had plenty of data to figure out when and how. I think it was a general security collapse and incompetence that caused the attacks to go through, not a conspiracy.

    As blender so eloquently mentioned, Loose Change is a bunch of pseudoscience and misinvestigation. While compelling, it skirts a lot of the facts and doesn't seem to understand the big picture that the 'conspiracy' they propose is too elaborate to have ever been feasible.'

    Maddox's rebuttal to Loose Change and the conspiracy:

  6. blenderboy55

    blenderboy55 Guest

    Sorry if I offended anyone who loves FDR.

    The issue with Loose Change is it says a lot of stuff that sounds true, but is scientifically false.

    Kinda of like telling people thousands of years ago you can sail of the earth. It makes sense.
  7. Swiftstrike

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    I agree I dont think it was a conspiracy I have seen and read up enough on it to conclude that these guys are just trying to draw conclusions that are supported by inconclusive evidence or misinterpretation(subjective interpretation perhaps would be better).

    Although I do think our govt had plenty of knowledge about an impending attack. I dont think they literally would sacrifice american lives just for their own prestige and power. I think they just misread the data or found it neglible.

    *Kudos for blender's post you get karma*
  8. CMK_Eagle

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    No conspiracy and no prior knowledge that could have been used to prevent the attacks.

    It's much easier to believe that a former governor of Texas whose first major initiative was education reform had little to no interest in foreign policy and decided to ignore al-Qaida than it is to believe that a conspiracy of that magnitude managed to take place without any leaks whatsoever. To suggest that the Bush Administration could have either orchestrated 9/11 or specifically allowed it to take place without a single one of the conspirators feeling guilty for the 3,000 deaths and coming forward is ludicrous.
  9. If anything, I think we know more than we admit to knowing. And I think the govt. knew more before it happened and at the time than they're telling us. I've seen Loose Change 2nd Edition. If you're open to conspiracy theories, it's a great movie. Definitely makes you think.
  10. Merc

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    When it comes to Loose Change, I have to agree with Maddox's response. If the government has no problem with killing thousands of people, the filmmakers should be dead.

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