9/11: The Birth of a Prophesy

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    Peace is the Pinnacle of Victory.

    In war times, peace is foreign and seemingly unreachable. Competition obstructs ones picture of peace, pushing it farther and farther away with every condemning word that is spoken.

    To strive for peace, we must first end competition in the political world. Instead of viewing peace as a fantasy, we must view it as inevitability. We must speak of this goal in faith making it increasingly attainable, with every added believer.

    When it comes to the media, one either is against the government, or for the government, there is no middle ground. Peace rests in this intermediate spot, and it is only achieved when people cease their argument, and work to combine views as oppose to fighting for their own radical beliefs. One must be granted the liberty to speak out against the government, in addition to speaking for the government, for speaking out against it, helps to change the views of those who speak out for it, and speaking for it, does the same to those who speak out against it. Once they build off their journalistic adversaries beliefs, they must seek the middle ground, which does both, supports it where it is strong, and denies it where it is weak. Summarily, each side must gain mutual understanding of the other, and then they must find ways to satisfy each other.

    All over the place, the lack of middle ground results in sectarianism. From Shia’s and Sunni’s to Christians and Jews, people refuse to put their beliefs aside, for the greater good. Once we surrender to God, we can, together, move towards peace and not war. All of these religions believe in the view that there is one God, or I should say, one Creator, and that is what each religion should consolidate their beliefs on.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “Peace, like charity, begins at home". This is a true statement, for until democrats and republicans or liberals and conservatives reach their middle ground, they will be odds. Neither issue is more important than the other; however, democrats view global warming as their sole issue of concern. On the other side of the spectrum, republicans view terrorism as their sole issue of concern. They need to come to the agreement that currently, we need to have security, but in the future, we will move towards less security. They need to come to the agreement that presently, we need to do something about global warming, and a plan needs to be approached from both sides. Also, conservatives and liberals tend be at odds. One desires to limit the rights of the people, and the other desires to expand them. The middle ground should be found by each side making sacrifices to reach a common goal. That goal is to maintain order, without depriving citizens of their rights. This can be achieved by decreasing surveillance over citizens who have no history of causing harm to society. As for the few who are a danger to the rest of people, the suspects of terrorism, they need to be watched to an extent, however not to the extent of causing them harm. They need to be placed on close watch, relieving security in accordance to their behaviors.

    As Saint Augustine once said, “The purpose of all war is ultimately peace". This is what we must express, from within the media, on television, and within the words spoken by orators, in presidential speeches, civil rights seminars, and in all diplomacy talks. We need to express our goals which thrive towards peace, in order for others to understand that we are the good guys, not the enemy. There is a possibility that all this talk about war, and all these strategies advocating war, are becoming the fuel to the fire. If we express strategies that thrive towards peace, then the words being said, in which we will not keep secret, will help put out the fire.

    In addition, we need to worry about other words which act as a hindrance to peace. As Buddha once said, “Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind". This is a problem because many people envy America, which may be clouding their judgment of our great nation. We need to let it be known that we do not seek to be the “envy" of the world; rather we seek to be admired. Once this happens, we will be viewed as the country which seeks to lead other countries, as oppose to rule them. This will earn back our respect, and instead of other countries seeing us as the root of an empire, we will become the driving force for the revolution.

    Brian Tracy also explains the dangers of envy. He once said, “If you envy successful people, you create a negative force field of attraction that repels you from ever doing the things that you need to do to be successful. If you admire successful people, you create a positive force field of attraction that draws you toward becoming more and more like the kinds of people that you want to be like."

    With that being said, we should seek to be admired, for that will help other nations, as well as our own, in our pursuit of success and happiness.

    In our ambitions to find peace, competition must be put aside, and our country, each sector and every staff, must unite to work towards common goals, which arrive at peace. As oppose to vengeance, we must accommodate goals to obtain justice. Justice can be reached not by acts of war, but by acts of peace. Instead of stealing money from those who hate, we should be giving money to those who love. In doing this those who hate will change their minds as they will seek the positive reinforcement that was applied elsewhere. However, we must keep it mind our hatreds must be accounted for. Therefore, we must still work to rebuild that in which we destroyed, for destruction must always precede creation, to keep our world going round.

    Consequently, we must embody all values on the side of the Kingdom, which emphasizes, love over fear, peace over war, justice over revenge, integrity over duplicity, and so forth. Once we come to the realization that we are not defending our country, rather we are defending the Kingdom, the revolution will be resurrected, and it is then, that we will move forward.

    As it may be necessary to achieving peace, I feel compelled to tell the world why we went to Iraq:

    We went to Iraq for two reasons, riches and peace. We went to war not only because we wanted oil, but because we feared the growth of terrorism in the middle east. In this fear, we embarked on a mission to exterminate all evil, forgetting the karma that results from this sadistic mission, which is good will be destroyed in the process. Oil and other riches were a bonus that helped fuel the mission.

    We must also understand the meaning of patriots day. 9/11 is the birth of the New World Order. Many people think this is government control or imperialism, but I must inform people that this is just the New World Orders Facade, for in the days of old, imperialism existed, and just because of a change back to imperialism, does not mean it is the New World Order, rather it is the Old World Order. The real New World Order, emphasizes brotherhood, where government is not necessary.

    9/11 was the beginning of peace and the end of war. Unfortunately, it may not be until the entire world is pitted against each other, subjected to American governance and/or Islamic terror, that this peace will be attained. Unless we prevent this by the realization that war is not necessary to attain peace, the plan will follow accordingly, uniting the world through struggle.

  2. Is your real name Dennis Kucinich? Are you suggesting we close the Department of Defense and open the Department of Peace? Should we have sent flowers after the Japenese bombed Pearl Harbor and when 9-11 attacks took place? The problem here is that Dennis gets less than 3% support of the American people...

    America is a democratic republic and the majority of Americans, including an overwhelming majority of congress agreed that we go to war after Pearl Harbor and 9-11. Politics now dictates that some politicans not support the wars they voted for because of popularity of those wars. The "republic" part of our government requires the government take sometimes unpopular actions that are not supported by the democratic majority to assure the continued existense of the government.

    I dissagree with your entire post but will not take time to go line by line since it is quite clear you are very idealistic... But, I would invite you to explain with a little detail how peace could be acheived after Pearl Harbor/9-11 without a military response... I see the Middle East under mushroom clouds in the end of this war after the nation demands retreat from the battle and the evil once again raises its head and strikes again with more casualties on the homeland... when that happens the same 97% that doesn't think like you will demand we send soldiers or nuke the enemy. We have proven as a nation in polls we don't have the will to fight a bloody battle so I'm guessing nukes.
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    What I am suggesting is we bring our troops home. Place emphasis on diplomacy, the Revolution, and New World Order. The New World Order works to restore God, Our Father to the throne. The end of Government.

    What people don't realize is the New World Order is no government. The Old World Order, to which people call the NWO, is imperialism and government control Once they put me into a position of leadership, I will lead my people to freedom.


    Hopefully, the organization, to which I applied, will accept me, and adhere to my truths, so we can move forward to better days.
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    9/11 was a hoax, a fraud, and the greatest crime of the century.

    Planet earth knows that .. just waiting for Americans to catch up.
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    The birth of the New World Order is not about the fraudulent misconception of tragedy that bestowed 9/11... It is not about that day of infamy. It is about the birth of a man, born from everlasting, concieved on Xmas, wieghing in at 7 pounds 11 ounces, the third of three sons'. It is about the benevolent spirit who stresses leadership, relieving Government, replacing the rulling class. The one who wishes to put God back on his throne and in time, after trust is established, letting the satelites fall from the skies. This will bring the individualism, which our country currently lacks, back into effect. In this New World Order, people will be more in touch with their destinies. In time, the real Revolution will enfold, revealing its glory to all walks of life. To live in the New World Order, is too live freely. What we must do is fight the Old World Order, imperialism, with all our hearts and minds... For a revolt over this way of life, enthrones the All-Mighty, saving our planet from isolation.

    None of the elects will be able to make friends out of "enemies". America needs an ambassador, and I am willing to take this responsbility upon myself. If "they" watch me as much as all the subliminal messages lead me to believe they do then let it be known, only a son of God is fit for peace negotiations. None of the elects have a strategy that will lead to peace. I do and it starts with simple rhetoric.
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    My only question is .. whose God?
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    Yeah! Thats what I would like to know.
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    There will always be war....

    No peace...
    Even hippies couldn't bring peace:laugh:
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    Everyone is brainwashed into thinking there is no way out of war, when it reality, getting out of war is simple. People of our government rely to much on reason, and fear of man tends to conflict with their decision-making process.

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