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TV 86+ Straight Hours of 24

Would you attempt 86+ hours of 24 for $10,000?

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Could you watch 86 straight hours of TV for $10,000? Fox recently hosted a competition to break the world record of consecutive TV hours watched without falling asleep. 24 was chosen as the show to watch, which makes perfect sense.

Trio Sets Guinness World Record For 86 Hours Of TV Viewing

Pretty interesting but I wouldn't even attempt it. The most I've stayed up is around 48 hours and it was terrible. There's no way I would want to go through 86 hours of no sleep.

On that note, the longest 24 "marathon" I've done is one complete season which ended up being around 18 hours.


In the end, they ended up earning around $116 an hour for 86 hours straight.
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I'm serious
I might give it a shot actually, although I doubt very much I could last that long. It helps that it's 24 though (I've also done a one season marathon in one day - twice :lol: ). Maybe if I haven't seen any of the seasons I would be entertained enough to not fall asleep, but as it is now, I would not make 86 hours. Fairly easy money though, so I could definitely give it my best effort.


It's not me, it's you.
Belle was keeping some of us 24 fanatics updated on this on FB. I don't see how anyone could stay up that long. If I have nothing to do but watch TV...no multi-tasking or anything along with it...then I usually fall asleep within 5 minutes.


Could I do it? Probably. Would I want to? No way. How anyone can watch one hour of 24 is beyond me. 86? I'd kill myself. Haha. Maybe if it was The X-Files or something that I was interested in, I might give it a shot. Who knows.


When I first found out they were doing this, I was sad that I don't live in the LA area, cause I definitely would have given this a shot. I love 24, so it would be a win/win situation.
I've never seen the attraction on 24. Would I try it? Yes. Could I? Couldn't tell you until I tried. If I was given a choice of what I was watching I might, something like star-trek voyager, or the 1970's incredible hulk...something like that, but it would have to be good or I would fall asleep after a while.


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i was a big fan of "24 ", i wouldn't sit through 86 hours. i have try to watch the first season ally day, i couldn't! today and tomorrow, on sfy channel, annual 48 hours of " the twilight zone ", over i have tried to watched all the episodes at one time, i couldn't, because of the stories are not that great ! they are boring !
with " 24 " , i would buy all the seasons on dvd, and i watch them at any time, i want .


Sally Twit
I only ever got around to watching the first season of 24 so I'd definitely give it a shot. I honestly think I would get pretty far because I don't need that much sleep these days.
I am sure anyone without insomnia would drift off though because imagine how much your eyes would hurt.


Embrace the Suck
I can't imagine myself watching that much of anything. I couldn't watch that much TV straight, even if it were sports.


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I would definitely give it a shot, I mean for $10,000 it would be worth it.

I've stayed up for 72 hours straight before. You don't even feel it (so long as you continue to take in sugar every hour or so). However waking up after is the worst thing ever but I would do it I imagine that it's much like a hangover, it's the ultimate sugar crash.

I've been needing to watch 24 anyway.
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