8 shot dead at synogogue in Pittsburgh

Did God "kill" babies and fetuses? Or did he simply take them up to heaven to be raised properly?
A little off topic but since the question was asked I figured I'd put an alternative perspective on it. I find the secular interpretation of death is often applied to Biblical scripture. Why not apply the Biblical interpretation? Death isn't an end of life, it's just a transition to another location and state of being.


Son of Liberty
Abortion isn't killing any babies. The only time abortion appears in the Bible, it's in favor of it. There are also numerous references to life beginning with breath and not conception. But you don't know that because you don't actually read it, you just repeat what you're told it's said.

Meanwhile, in this thread you were bragging that your church would be protected by firearms. If you wanna be like Jesus, why aren't you telling them to put their swords away like he did Peter?

On one hand you accuse Christians of misinterpreting Scripture and using it to excuse things. On the other, you misinterpret Scripture.

When Jesus told Peter to put away his sword, he did so because Peter attacked a man who was only following orders, arresting Jesus, and Jesus knew and accepted his fate, that he was going to be arrested, tried, and crucified. He had already told the Apostes at the Last Supper, that was the last time they were going to eat together, and that Peter would deny knowing him. He had already prayed and anguished over his fate, so much so he perspired blood.

Jesus wasn’t talking about self defense, which you are referring to here, in regards to being protected by firearms.