8 Man After


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8 Man After is the sequel to the first 8 Man series, which I have not seen.

A new breed of cybernetic gangsters are starting to populate the streets of the big city (Tokyo, I presume), with cannons, gatling guns, and rocket launchers implanted in their arms, torsos, and various other sundry places. These junkies are dependent on a type of narcotic to keep them from becoming raging psychopaths (which they do anyway).

When a private eye investigates the disappearance of a scientist responsible for the cybernetic phenomenon, he gets brutally attacked by the opposition. The only way to save him is to implant him with cybernetic parts to make him into the new 8 Man (the first had lost control and had run off into the wilderness somewhere in self-exile), a super crime-fighting cyborg with the power to defeat his adversaries by running past them really really quickly. Complications, of course, show up as the new 8 Man struggles with his identity while trying to retain self-control and fight crime at the same time.

Content Rating: PG-13 to R (violence, probable sexual scenes)