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7up vs sprite?

7up or sprite

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Gotta say I almost never buy soda but got 7 up for the first time in years and it totally pwns sprite imo...

Whats the better soda in your opinion?


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I never have seen this 7up lol. So, I must say is Sprite? lol :confused:


I remembered really liking 7-Up when I was younger, but everytime I went to a restaurant they had Sprite or Sierra Mist. Similarly, whenever I would go shopping, if I was going to get some pop they always had deals for Sprite it seemed. So needless to say I didn't have 7-Up for a long time. However, recently I decided 'To hell with it!' and bought a 12 pack of 7-Up and I hated it. I think I had two cans and didn't touch the rest. My room mates had a few, but they didn't like it either. We ended up throwing more than half of the 12 pack away.

So yeah, I'm going with Sprite.


What a coincidence. Me and 3 other GFers were talking in chat 2 nights ago, about 7up and Sprite and I asked if these sodas still existed lol.
Anyway I prefer neither of them and it's been years ago since I last had a taste of them.


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I definitely prefer sprite. 7 Up just seems to make me even more thirsty.


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I prefer Sprite.....and years ago, because both Sprite and 7-Up have been around for awhile...they tasted almost identical, in my opinion.
But not long ago....7-Up changed their taste....and it no longer has the 'bubbly' sensation..or the lemon-lime taste.
I tried it after they came out with the new..and I think it tastes like crap~
But Sprite.....I like the more fruitier taste......stronger than 7-Up, but I like that.
It's kind of the same thing between these two drinks as it is with Mountain Dew and Mello Yello....I think those last 2 taste very much alike.


It's not me, it's you.
It would be Sprite for me. To me it tastes less sweet than 7 up, and more bubbly.

However, I like them both.


Do What Thou Wilt
Definitely 7 Up. It has much more flavor, using more lemon and lime oils rather than more citric acid like Sprite. 7Up is sweeter too.


I would go with 7Up, not exactly sure why but it just tastes better than Sprite to me. But I also like both.
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