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79 Year old lady finds 139 Year old Baseball card... Starting bid $10.00


Son of Liberty
Last summer, Bernice Gallego pulled an old baseball card from a box of antiques. She figured it might be worth something to someone, so she listed it on eBay. The starting bid was $10.

But after getting a flurry of inquiries about whether the card was authentic or not, Gallego started to suspect she was holding something a little more valuable and immediately ended the auction.

Turns out her hunch was correct. She did have something more valuable. The card she found was made in 1869 and featured the "Red Stocking B.B. Club of Cincinnati," the sport's first professional team. It's considered one of the first baseball cards ever produced and its actual value could be worth more than $100,000 when she puts it back on eBay (with a higher starting price, of course).

Of course, the news that she had found a rare piece of early baseball history came as a shock to the 72-year-old Fresno, Calif., resident who said she's never been to a baseball game. Her tale, from unwitting discovery to learning about the card's history, is wonderfully captured by our old pal Mike Osegueda of the Fresno Bee.



Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Jeanie just showed me this article. I find it very facinating. There's probably only 2-4 people who has heard of this team before, I am one of them. She is very lucky that she didn't sell it for 10$, because she can make a lot more now. I wish I could see the card live, just to see how it looks.

Simply amazing.


Son of Liberty
this is one of those things that does sorta warm my heart a bit, its nice to know that there are people out there decent enough to watch over her and let her know she was sitting on a pile of gold she was trying to sell like a mound of dirt.


Oh, poppycock.
I wonder what she is going to do with the money.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Now that is truly a Rare find. Those are the things collectors dream about when rummaging through old stuff in attics and storage sheds weekend after weekend.

I would love to find something like that to either sell or give to my boys.
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Registered Member
That is awesome!! I wish I had the money for something like that. What a piece of history. By the way, I wouldn't be surprised if she's really had it all this time and was waiting to auction it off.