7 year old allowed to go to park alone.


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Personally I think 7 is a little young to be allowed to go to a park a half a mile away by themselves. A child that young needs adult supervision to go anyplace other than the yard or a close neighbors house.

Maybe a warning or fine should have been given for the first offense but I don't think she should have been charged with felony child neglect. Maybe I'm wrong about that, the kid could have been killed, what do you think?

Florida mom arrested after 7-year-old son went to park alone - CBS News


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When I was little I can remember that I could not go down to the creek alone until I was 9. Of course the creek was water, and that means that there was a danger of drowning. It was also about 1/4 mile away, but just had to walk down a 2-lane country (gravel) road. Of course 9 years of age did not give me free rein to walk down the creek all the way to the river or anything like that (although we did it anyway).

I think maybe 7 is a bit young to be allowed to wander - alone - to the park in a city setting. God knows the kind of perverts, molesters, whatever's that are running around nowadays.

I DO think that arrest of the mother was a bit severe. It sounds like the kid was actually pretty wary - ran away when approached as he sat by that pool! Maybe he kid was actually mature enough to be able to do this kind of stuff on his own. I was 9 years old 58 years ago - kids have become mature and clever younger nowadays than when I was a kid!

Too many things weigh in here. I don't think the cops should have been hasty to judge or to arrest!


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I use to walk across the field into the woods when I was about 6 or 7. It was probably about a quarter of a mile to it. Loved going there but there was no one around to bother me. When I was in the city it was a different story. At that age I wasn't allowed to run around town by myself.


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I wish the kids had freedom like I did when I was 5 or 6 years old, just hanging out down at the park with friends playing tag and just mucking about without the fear of strangers. I suppose it was different living in town where everyone knows everyone and there is no danger about.

When we moved to Australia, nothing changed. I was walking 2-3km to school every morning from 8 years old and never ever felt scared in my myfe.


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As someone who works with kids this age regularly, I think the mother was not in the wrong. Granted, I don't think she was totally right, but people aren't giving her enough credit. He had a cellphone. I have met 7 year olds that would take me down if I did anything that made them uncomfortable. Even if they can't physically handle me, these children are fast and smart at this age. Just teach your child the proper values of who's a "good" guy and who's a "bad" guy and their brains will react accordingly. Of course, its not full proof, but its not a felony.


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I distinctly remember going to the park alone when I was 7 years old, and it was probably about half a mile away as well. Can you really say the parent is neglecting a child because the state of your country (and mine right now as well, not judging) does not produce a safe environment for kids to be kids and play outside?

I agree it was dangerous, but seriously, what is this world coming to?


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I remember being as young as like 5 and being allowed to wander around the surrounding few blocks to play. As long as I made sure to come back to the house every hour or so and check in. That was always the thing. Always had to tell mom who I was gonna be with, where abouts we were gonna be and if we were gonna change our minds and go do something else, we had to come home first and let mom know. When we didn't and they had to come looking for us, we were in shit haha. Mind you, that was back in like 92 haha.


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I'm stuck because personally, I think there are equal amounts of child neglect and over-protection these days. Arrested? I don't know. Counseling may have been a better option. However I can't imagine I'd be comfortable with my kid in that situation