64-bit Computing


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This section is for everything about 64bit computers, who uses 64bit, what advantages/disadvantages have you found with it, what cool/useful programs have you found that are 64bit etc.

Personally, I love my 64bit Windows 7, it runs faster and with different programs i have like Microsft Office 2010 Technical Preview x64, files open faster and save faster, all around I find 64bit to be a great advantage the the computing world, although coders need to hurry up and get around to making a 64bit version of flash player so that browsers can make the switch to 64bit with full compatibility with most websites.


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I haven't really noticed any disadvantages so far. The only disadvantages originally where that drivers didn't work on it but now that there have been several different 64 bit OS's out there that's hardly a problem anymore. The pros far outweigh the cons anyway, so any disadvantages to 64-bit are irrelevant when considering going 64-bit.


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I've Been using Vista 64bit and have recently Upgraded to Windows 7 64bit, I have found it overal miles more relaiable then 32bit, much faster to use etc.

Only down points, some software won't work with it, and you have to make sure you install the 64bit drivers or it throws a Fit.

Overal if you've got 4GB off ram or more get it.