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600-year-old linen bras found


Free Spirit
Staff member
(AP) VIENNA - A revolutionary discovery is rewriting the history of underwear: Some 600 years ago, women wore bras. The University of Innsbruck said Wednesday that archaeologists found four linen bras dating from the Middle Ages in an Austrian castle. Fashion experts describe the find as surprising because the bra had commonly been thought to be only little more than 100 years old as women abandoned the tight corset.

600-year-old linen bras found in Austrian castle

I never knew that women wore bra's at that time in history. It looks so much like the ones we wear today. Instead of being a new invention I guess they actually just came back in style. Is this a surprise to you?


Registered Member
I have to admit that I didn't know anything about the evolution of bras until I read this. I simply assumed they'd been around for about as long as other kinds of underwear.

It's not like popular culture has done anything to correct that impression, either.


Registered Member
That's quite an amazing find!!

Also found at Lemberg Castle in Tyrol was a linen undergarment that looks very much like a pair of panties. But Nutz said it is men's underwear - women did not wear anything under their flowing skirts back then.
"Underpants were considered a symbol of male dominance and power," she said.

It's pretty odd they have bra's but no panties :shifteyes:

*shows off his underpants with pride*
King of the castle!!


Registered Member
Wow, that is weird-cool-kindaawesome. I'd have guessed it was all corsets back then but apparently not. Interesting article too :)


Free Spirit
Staff member
I never dreamed panties made you a man and they depicted men and women fighting over them to determine who wore the pants in the family.

In those long dresses women use to wear I don't imagine you needed panties to keep your dignity. Although I have to wonder did they wear bloomers like they did in the 1800's?
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