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$60 Refund from Blockbuster feels nice


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So a few months ago I tried out Blockbuster Online. It was pretty nice except for one thing. I lost 3 of the movies that they sent me. I later noticed that they had charged me $20+ a piece for each movie that I didn't return within 30 days.

Well, I was doing some cleaning the other day and came across the movies stashed in a box I usually keep software CD's in.. Not sure what I was thinking, but, anyway I contacted them and found out that if I send them back I could still get my money back that they had charged me.

Today I noticed the refund had posted to my bank account (through a debit card). It's good to know that I didn't end up paying $60 for 3 DVD's that I could have found on eBay for probably $10 total.



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Hey, sounds like you had a good day then?


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That's very surprising to me and great for you because customer service for Blockbuster online is awful. I totally recommend NetFlix in regards to customer service. I have lost one of their DVD's and I don't have to pay for it.