6 yr old suspended, must spend 45 days in reform school

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by Wade8813, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Wade8813

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  2. Shwa

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    I'm not gonna lie, this could have been stopped by the parents from the very beginning. It had a friggin knife attached to the device...of course school officials are going to be up at arms about the issue. I do believe it's a retarded idea to send the boy to "reform school" (wtf is that??), they could have been easier on the kid since he is 6 years of age.

  3. Jaszibabes

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    That's ridiculous. I get that it has a knife on it, and he really shouldn't have been allowed to bring it to school (parent's fault), but.. he shouldn't get suspended and sent to reform school. They should have just had a talk with him, and told him it wasn't safe to bring such a thing to school and why. He's 6 years old... jeez.
  4. Wade8813

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    The thing is; he could have easily brought it to school without his parents even knowing. Just grabbed it, and put it in his pocket.
  5. Jaszibabes

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    He very well could have. I still don't think the punishment they gave him was right though.
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  6. Wade8813

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    I agree completely - my point was that blaming the parents doesn't necessarily make sense either.
  7. Jaszibabes

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    The parents said he was bringing it in to try it out at lunch time. I guess I just assumed they knew about it. And if that was the case, then the parents should have said that's not a good idea to bring it to school. If they didn't know, then it obviously wasn't their fault.
  8. Boredie

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    I understand the reasoning behind the school's decision. It's difficult for the school to have a screening process when it comes to weapons.
    Perhaps it should change not to a screening process but give 1 warning and if it happens again then the punishment of suspending is legit. and so is the reform school. No matter what age.
  9. Wade8813

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    That's just it - I don't think you can make a "no matter what age" rule. A high schooler should get 0 chances (except some special needs students). They know better, and have no excuse. But a 6 year old, even if he knows the rules, might not think of a tiny pocket knife as a weapon - he thinks of it as a tool (especially since it has other tools and utensils).
  10. pro2A

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    This just goes to show how stupid the no weapons school policy really is. Now they are throwing 6 year olds in indoctrination camps for 45 days to talk about why weapons are bad. That's the government school system at it's best :rolleyes:

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