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6 sided ring coming back?


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I wasn't a huge fan of the 6 sided ring nor was I was hater of it. The word is TNA is going to go back to the 6 sided ring.

Here's a poster...

PWPIX.NET : Pro Wrestling Pix : Alex Shelley

Not sure if it's a real deal or not but what are your thoughts on this?

For myself I actually like the idea. The WWE says we're entertainment and not wrestling so TNA says okay, we'll be wrestling. Now they are going back to the this possibly. I think it's good they are trying to be an alternative to the WWE instead of WWE Light or WCW light. Be as unique as is possible says this guy.


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The six sided ring was the reason I use to watch TNA all the time when I lived in Florida. Obviously it looks like it's making a comeback from that poster and I think that's a great move on TNA's part.


Haters gonna hate.
I touched on this in the random observations thread! Hahaha...

I think it's coming back just for the sake of a one-night only deal to spotlight the X-Division. Given the X-Div vs. Easy E storyline, it only makes sense.


Living in Ikoria
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Generally speaking, I'm neutral on the issue. I always liked the six-sided ring, so I'd be just fine with it coming back. The tighter ropes gave X-Division guys more speed and more places from which they could do moves, which was cool. That being said, They should be able to showcase their style in any ring, so if four sides is better for the rest of the roster I'd be fine with it staying that way.

Millz raises a good point, though, anything that makes them stand out from the WWE is a good thing. A good way to draw in wrestling fan prospects is for them to be flipping through the channels, see a six-sided-ring, and say "what the flip is this?!" Following a small thread of curiosity like that can sometimes lead to a person tuning in more and more.

Something I had considered when thinking about this thread: what if they bring it back on a conditional basis? For certain match types, or just for the X-Division, etc. I'm guessing it's a 1 in 100 chance, but it could be interesting. Setting up a new ring is stupid, I know, but when you have a taped show things are flexible. As for PPVs? No idea. This was just a random thought.