500 Posts!!


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This marks my 500th post on the forums.

I would like to thank Andrew for giving me a place to Have Fun

I would also like to thank all the other members who have made this place what it is. You Are Auction Sightings. Without you guys/gals this would be a very boring place to visit.

We are just starting out 6th week of being open, And these forums are doing great. Besides that, most of us have rallied together to help "Mina" and that auction is doing so well. Lets keep this wonderful thing we have going.


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WTG!!! I just looked at my post count and couldn't beleve how many I have!! Can't wait tell I catch up with you ;)


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Thank you all. This place wouldnt be what it is without you gys also. Im very glad to have had the chance to meet you all in some way or another.

This site is just too much fun!!