50% of South Korean 20-something women get plastic surgery

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  1. viLky

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    Another plastic surgery topic. This time with shocking news! O_O

    Here are the quotes from the article that I found very interesting:

    Source: BBC NEWS | Programmes | From Our Own Correspondent | The price of beauty in South Korea

    Is this old news? To me I found this story VERY shocking and quite sad. Women getting plastic surgery to get richer husbands, men and women doing it for vanity and all these other reasons listed. I don't know whether I feel sad inside because the world is turning into this superficial place, or because I feel bad for humans believing they need to look "beautiful" to get what they want from life.

    Very heartbreaking news... At least for me it is. =(
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  2. Nixola

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    This is actually shocking for me also. What shocked me most was the woman who got her chin done up and she still feels pain and discomfort years on and she is actually wanting to go back and get more done! Why would she put herself through all that? For vanity reasons and to get a rich husband... people shouldn't judge so much on looks, it's getting out of control!
  3. ysabel

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    It's amazing how they're somehow made to feel ugly by other people in the society because of their natural features. I mean, if this kind of thinking wasn't reinforced somehow over there, I don't think that much amount of people would be going for "useless" surgery.

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