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5 year old found living with cows.


Free Spirit
Staff member
A five-year-old girl has been found living with cows in rural Russia. The 'feral' girl is said to be unable to speak and can only communicate by mooing.

Five -year-old girl found living with cows can only communicate by mooing
Seems this kid was too much trouble for the parents so they sent her out to live with the cows. The poor kid can't eat properly and drinks out of a bowl. I was wondering if the put a tag in her ear too, idiots. What kind of person would you have to be to do this to a child?


Haters gonna hate.
This sounds too much like something that would happen in rural Russia (no offense to any Russians here, :lol:).

It's sad that some people would do this sort of stuff to their kids. Sad, sad state of mind for some people out in the world.


yellow 4!
I wonder how old she was when she lost contact with her parents, since she's almost past the critical age where she might never recover from that, in terms of being able to communicate properly etc. Poor girl :(