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Advice 5 Tips For YouTube Success


Creeping On You
The biggest and most popular method of free streaming entertainment is YouTube. With YouTube phone apps for a broad range of smart phones uploading videos from wherever you are has never been easier or faster. The best part of YouTube is that anybody can become a celebrity. Even better than that, when you run a very successful YouTube channel, is that there are possibilities of earning a living simply through creating YouTube content. So, what are some ways a person can help their channel get noticed in such a large sea of content? There are no sure-fire ways to achieve this goal, but the following ideas will definitely help you along your way.
[h3]1. Originality[/h3]

I've been watching YouTube videos and subscribing to channels for five years. Some of the more successful channels I watch stand alone in the content they present. An example is a very successful content creator, Hannah Hart started making a series of videos wherein she cooked meals while highly intoxicated. As the videos progress her puns and jokes become cheesier than the meals she often makes. At the time she started doing these videos they were one of a kind. As a result her popularity and subscriber total has skyrocketed.

Check out her first video on Youtube!

My Drunk Kitchen Ep. 1: Butter Yo Shit - YouTube

Another way that anybody can gain large numbers of views is to, basically, get lucky. Many of the popular YouTube memes circling the internet today are because someone got lucky and caught something hilarious on film. More videos will definitely increase your odds if your goal is to gain YouTube notoriety.

Having an idea that has already been done shouldn't stop any potential YouTuber from trying to find success on YouTube. If you can do the same thing as someone else, but do it better and with your own flare, you will still be just as likely to become a YouTube sensation. Beat that dead horse with a better weapon!

One last thing to keep in mind. Your video may become a sensation but for completely different reasons than you expected. Take Rebecca Black for example. She was probably hoping that people would love her song. Instead, she became a sensation because of the number of people who hated the song. Publicity is publicity, and it all leads to more views!

[h3]2. Quality[/h3]

It's a simple fact that people enjoy watching quality videos. Many YouTubers, like WoodysGamertag, take great pains to upload videos with flawless quality. And, on top of that, he constantly upgrades his equipment to continue producing high quality entertainment with his ad income from his ongoing success. Check out this wonderful video where Woody talks about his equipment in a video from his tech series!

Woody's PC Setup - Buying Mistakes and Triumphs - YouTube

720p and better HD is the new standard and the video comments I've seen thrown at YouTubers whose videos aren't of high enough quality confirm that point. Sound quality is also very important. Distortion is very irritating. As well, many viewers will simply stop watching your videos if your sound is out of sync.

Two different YouTubers could upload very similar content but the one with better editing skills will be the one people enjoy more. A video with a fancy title screen, some credits, and perhaps some editing thrown in to make it flashier is going to attract more attention than a video that is simply a straight recording. No one will sit through, recommend, or share a video with terrible sound quality or an out of sync audio track. Simply put, a creator needs to put in the time and effort to make the video interesting to others. Commentors will surely let you know if you upload a garbage video, so don't just slap up any old video from your smartphone, like this loser!
Watch The Leaves Fall - YouTube

[h3]3. Consistency[/h3]

It's natural for people to want more of something they like. The best way to keep and even increase your fans is through constant feeding of their needs. People are more apt to subscribe to you if they know they'll get regular sources of entertainment. Come up with an idea for a subject you enjoy, make it great quality and then keep doing it! dailygrace has taken great advantage of this route to success. Her videos are simply video logs (vlogs). However, through consistency, quality and some original ideas, she has risen to success. Her subscriber base is still growing as a result. She has different types of videos for some specific days of the week. Her 'Comment Tuesday' videos are a big hit.


Consistency doesn't just involve a rigorous schedule. There needs to be consistency across your content as well. Different people have different tastes but people will get bored if you jump all over the place with your content by trying to target everyone for an audience. That would be impossible to manage. If people subscribed just for your lets plays, they won't watch your vlogs. Youtube is all about getting lots of views for your videos and if you're splitting your subscribers between your videos you'll have less views on everything. It's probably best to focus your content one one or two specific target audiences until you have a larger group of subscribers. 100,00 is decent baseline from what I have seen.

Chin up, these aren't the only tips in store! The next tips will help when it comes time to expand.

[h3]4. Collaboration[/h3]

I have yet to see a successful YouTuber that doesn't do collaborative videos with other successful YouTubers. Their viewers get exposed to you and your channel and your viewers find out about their channel. It's a simple, but effective, concept that is mutually beneficial for both channels.

Perhaps one of the best collaboration projects I've ever seen is the Mindcrack crew, headed up by Guude. Minecraft is trending big time on YouTube right now. There are a great number of let's plays focusing on the game. Guude took his let's play a step higher when he started a multiplayer server and invited a few other popular Minecraft YouTubers to do their let's plays on his server. That was where he started and now they have 25 or more members on the server. Many of these members have 500,000 or more subscribers. This is a direct result of phrasing suggestion the large amount of collaboration that goes on.

Just take a look at one of their more famous collaboration projects. Guude's video alone has over 50k views and that was the first in a series. Take a look for yourself!

Mindcrack - Ultra Hardcore - S11E1 - The Burning Sun - YouTube

You do have to be careful when it comes to collaborations. You may find your viewers following your collaborators videos instead of your own. The person you collaborate with could be using points one, two, and three more effectively than you are. This will work against all of your hard work. Collaboration is good, but don't forget to focus on quality, originality, and consistency! All of those views bring in lots of individuals who you can use to help raise the quality of your own videos and crush the competition.

[h3]5. Community Involvement[/h3]

This last thing is something you should try to do along with and while following all the rest of these tips. Involve your community! Your community is the people who watch and comment on your videos. Let them have a sense that they help drive your content! You'll want to ask for likes. Likes can help boost your video to the main pages of YouTube. It's also a great tool for you to gauge your video's popularity. If people like your videos, they click like. If they dislike your videos, they click dislike. It's really as simple as that. You can use these statistics to judge the success of your ideas.

Ask for comments. Ask what they'd like to see, or what they're thoughts are. Even more so than that though, listen to your subscribers. You will get a lot of junk comments but amongst those will be some golden advice. Put in the time, read through the comments. One great example of community involvement I've seen is the mail bag. Set yourself up with a P.O. box, let people send you mail, and then put up videos of yourself opening the mail and reacting. It's a sure fire way to guarantee viewers. Everyone who sent you things will watch each episode to see if you got their stuff!

Here's generikb, a Minecraft let's player, checking his mail.


The possibilities are endless but if you let your viewers get involved you'll have viewers for life!

These tips are gathered from observations on successful YouTube channels. There is no way to guarantee success in this world. If you follow my tips, work hard, and never give up you can find yourself making great amounts of money from a massively popular cross-platform web series. Try not to over-think what you do because sometimes even the simplest of changes can lead you to success. Just remember to have fun, be yourself, and enjoy the journey
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Good article, Danny. I hope it helps any future YouTubers find success.


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Danny, I expect you to become the next Youtube sensation. Nice article. You should have put your sledgehammer video in there somewhere. :lol:


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Absolutely agreed on getting the viewers involved.

There is no nice and clean cut formula for YouTube success, if there was then everyone would use it. ;) there's a lot that can be suggested though, I think everything you suggested is great though Danny! If I ever take YouTube seriously then I will be asking you for advice.