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5 things you need


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Please list 5 things that you believe make your life a lot better. The sort of item that you can't do without. I don't mean food and water and a bed, I mean some normal item that simply makes your life nicer, a luxury.

The sort of stuff you'd take to a desert island if you were hypothetically told you'd be stranded there, and could choose 5 things. What would they be? ---

P.S. I am not suggesting what you would take to a desert island, so don't say a dinghy, a paddle etc - unless that is something you actually can't do without, a luxury you actually need for whatever reason - you never know.

There you go, the gist meted out as unclearly as humanly possible.



Hell, It's about time!
One of my shotguns or handguns (To protect myself from animals, people, zombies or alien invasion)
My iPhone (Need my music)
My PC (Need the net and online games)
Polarized sunglasses (You'd be surprised how much you need these until you don't have them)
Fresh socks... (Same as above)
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My digital camera

I'm such a poor thing, really. They're not even considered luxurious.


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My digital camera

I'm such a poor thing, really. They're not even considered luxurious.
But if they're important to you then they are luxurious, to you. And that's what matters. Another's perception of your luxury is irrelevant. It's what you think.

For me.
1) Paper and a good pen
2) My PC
3) Golf clubs
4) Cigarettes
5) Music, in general.


Sally Twit
Hairbrush - I have really thick hair and it gets knotty fairly easily so I have to brush it a lot.

Laptop - I have only had it for a few months but I am obsessed with it. I use it every single day and I feel I'd be lost without it now.

Mobile Phone - I don't care about this too much but I keep it with me at all times so that family/friends can contact me. I don't sit there texting people 24/7 like lots of other people do.

iPod - I love music. I'd be sad if I didn't have my iPod within easy reach.

Perfume - I wear perfume every day. I like to smell nice.


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  1. Music - I'm a very sad person without music
  2. Pen- for when i have those moments where I need to write out my thoughts
  3. Paper - see article 2
  4. Sunscreen....trust me, I'm gonna need it.
  5. Camera - to document it all somehow


4 legs good 2 legs bad
My five things are my Bible, iPod, camera, TV, and video games. I can certainly live without most of them, but they make my life more enjoyable.