5 Things You Didnt Know About Me

- I really love NY.
- I love dogs, but I never had a pet now or when growing up.
- I spend about 10hours on the internet every day.
- Office gossip is a guilty pleasure of mine.
- I keep buying watches but I never wear them.


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Ohh yeah yeah right right, of course, how could I forget to introduce myself to you!

- I love my eyebrows
- My favourite snack is blue cheese stuffed olives
- I have had 5 cavities
- I have had the same best friend for my whole entire living life
- My favourite colour is brown

and you can call me Anchor :)


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I lol'ed at the last line, you a watch collector?

Anyways, welcome to General Forum & make sure you have fun.


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!. I have a perfect triangle of faint chicken pox scars on my forehead and a perfect triangle of freckles on my back.

@. I don't particularly care for triangles.

#. I once masturbated as a young teen in the cellar of an abandoned house.

$. I was such an awkward swimmer when I moved to Hawaii at age 11 that someone mistakenly thought I was drowning and jumped into a resort pool to save me.

%. I predict that you won't post again.


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-I have a thing for stomachs. I like to bury my face in them
-I'm lactose intolerant
-My favorite book on the plant is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
-I'm very picky about who I willingly associate myself with, but I'll talk to most anyone that comes up to me first.
-I have a belly ache :(


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1. Today, I went hiking on some crazy trail in the woods, and had to climb down a very steep cliff. It was scary.
2. I think feet are gross.
3. I don't like to be around people who smoke, anything.
4. I LOVE to drive.
5. I think rice is the greatest thing ever.