5 shopping days left and counting!


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Uh oh,

I just realised there are only 5 shopping days left until Christmas. Anybody else still have stuff to buy? I said in another post that I was waiting until the last minute, but now I'm starting to worry.

I will probably go take care of this by the weekend if I know what's good for me.. :D


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Hi ya.

I finished up our X-Mass shopping last week. There ain't no way i'm going out and fighting the crowds with a new little one.
(Btw we brought him home yesterday)

I was almost done by the first. All I had left was the stocking stuffers.
Got those lastnight so I am finaly done!!!
You can't make me go out there.! No way! Their nuts man! Nuts I tell ya!:lol:


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I didn't buy any gifts this year, because of financial reasons. Most of the time I still have one or two gifts to buy right before Christmas.

(Good to hear the little one was able to come home, Night.)


what? no pink?
I am finished for the most part. I only buy for my daughter. then we make cookies for friends and family. and our family has a white elephant exchange on christmas day. so I think I'm pretty done! :lol:
I always end up standing in line for something on Christams eve..*sigh*..my hubby has a HUGE family and there are always unexpected guests popping in for the holidays.:shake:


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Well I am getting ready to go do my shopping now.. I guess it's not Christmas unless I'm out at the last minute navigating the crazy driver infested traffic, dodging cars, and trying not to slide on the ice...

I was already out this morning and I'm not looking forward to going out again... :(