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5 Reasons To....


Babeasaurus Sex
Get out of bed each morning....

It's simple, write here what your grateful for or what helps you kickstart your butt in the morning.


1. My friends
2. My little brother and my mum
3. Everyday is a chance to be better.
4. Love.
5. The more days I get out of bed the closer it is to christmas <3


Here are mine...

1.) I usually have to pee first thing in the morning.
2.) I'm hungry.
3.) To spend time with close family & friends.
4.) To watch The Walking Dead.
5.) To write.


Registered Member
1) One day closer to a happier future :)
2) My dog, and the endless amounts of loyalty and genuine joy that he displays ... seriously, who needs a man, when you have a dog?
3) Seeing my friends
4) Knowing I have the means and the freedom to do whatever I please
5) For tomorrow at least, I get to meet my new Goddaughter!!


Registered Member
my 5 reasons are:

1.My family
2.My friends
3.The person i like...
4.i usually have to for school
5.a new day, meaning its a new start :)


Well-Known Member
I honestly can't think of 5 reasons to get up each day.

1. I have an obligation to be at work a certain time, and that's only temporary

Yeah, why the hell do I get up each morning again?


Lion Rampant
laughies and [general] wonderment

Ehh... how many is that?


still nobody's bitch
You'll find some, Lauren. <3

1. My daughter
2. My family
3. My friends
4. Every day that I get through puts me that much closer to where I want to be eventually
5. My animals


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
1. Habit - I have an alarm that reminds me I have to. And I just do as a habit.
2. Responsibility - to others, especially my kids
3. Loved ones - I wake up to have the chance to talk and see how my loved ones are.
4. Curiosity - I want to know what happened to the world around me while I was sleeping. *goes to the net or bbm first thing*
5. Hunger or nature calls - sometimes I'd stay in bed as long as I can but then hunger/nature calls force me to move my arse.


yellow 4!
1. School
2. Obligations/tasks/errands that need taking care of
3. Habit/routine
4. Generally not tired any more
5. I don't like to feel lazy by sleeping all day