5 Free Avatars/Sigs Coming Right Up!


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Want free avatars and sigs? Periodically people here have asked me to make avatars or sigs for them. I usually don't mind hooking people up but I thought it might make more sense to have some fun with it. I'll make free custom avatars and matching sigs for the first 5 people to make 100 posts from the time they first reply to this thread.

So if you want in, simply reply to this thread with your current postcount. (No cheating, I can check! :D)

Reply again when you have 100 more posts than you currently do and I'll whip up a custom avatar for you.

Make sure you ask about your avatar idea before making all your posts if you think it's something I can't do. Chances are I can make any avatar you want but you never know until you ask.

Here's a sample of what I can work up. I'll add more here as I make them to make it easier to see them all.

And no that first one is not a font. It's hand drawn text. I can draw custom stuff as part of any images I make. I do it all.


Remember it's the first 5 people.


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What about .gifs for chat or posts? I want a facepunch and/or bitchslap. I was just telling echoes how I would design it myself if Final Cut Pro let me make a frame by frame image sequence into .gif files.


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Can you make me a nice one with my fire alien and some text?

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I'm gonna go for this, it's a very interesting concept to get more posting.

Ah, cretiveness, I love it.


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Still waiting for you to resend that image. ;) Check your PM's from a while ago.


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Hybix, I'm going to host it so you can't lose it this time.

I don't care how much you have to cut out (within reason) but try to keep the perspective and make sure the eyes are in it.