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4th of July Plans


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Ooooooh! That reminds me! I've gotta go get some "doggy downers"... My poor dogs get terrified during the firework blasts!(which in my neighborhood lasts 3 or 4 weeks) Last year they got so scared they chewed a hole in the wooden fence! Got home from seeing fireworks and had to let all 3 big huge dogs come in and run around and round the house to calm them down! It was a real scene! This tear I'll remember to give them something that helps sooth and calm them. I highly recommend all doggy owners do the same. There are lots of different ones out there. I prefer to give my girls the natural products but, there's so many to choose from at every pet store.


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Green some states they are and some they arent ..Call your local fire dept or Police dept to find out they should know


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general fireworks like bottle rockets and m80's are illegal but i can buy sparklers here so it may be legal there too...green


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doubles2004 said:
My Fourth of july will be great .I will have may daughter for a extra day..
That is great. I hope you have a great time.

Nanner said:
Going to good BIL/SIL's house (yes, there are many BAD BIL/SIL's)! for their annual bash complete with mega fireworks show. It's nice because it's not only an adult thingy but also kid friendly.

FORGOT a Birthday???!!!! That calls for a Bobbitt moment!
That's sounds like fun:)

Not the Bobbitt thing...the fireworks thing....LOLOL

Marys454BB said:
I had sooo many email me after the auction but I do remember you from your email address. I did my best to let everyone know how it went & such.
I'm glad I didn't get too many meanies! The nice people like yourself is what got me through it all so thank you for that! :)
Thank you. I am glad it all worked out.
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