+44 for request


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Hm, the band with Travis Barker in it...what ever happened to his tv show anyway >>;

The sig feels abit squished to me since the band is put all together on one side with hardly or no space put in between them. I like the double image effect though, it's a nice touch and the line striking through all of them isn't that bad either. Nice implication of their name too, I still say they should have gotten something more creative but eh ><; Plus this sig feels kinda busy don't cha think? lol don't add so many effects to it Tan, u want it to focus on the ppl in it and have the bg appeal in such a way that it does so. Great sig anyway though. Whoever requested this better be happy with it too!


To me , its not amaizing or terrible, i cant really explain on the sig. because we all know your sytel, as eveyone knows mine but im geting a little old of that abstarct stlyle u seem to fall in love with,,, IMO