400 lbs, half off!


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Well congrats to this guy:

Weighing nearly 400 pounds, man walks off half his weight - CNN.com

He weighed 387 pounds two years ago and has managed to drop around 200 pounds since then.

Interestingly enough is that he didn't lose 200 pounds by getting on a diet program. I'm sure he changed how he ate but he also did a lot of cardio workouts, running, jogging, etc to drop the weight.

I say good for him.


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This is an amazing accomplishment, a lot of people have problems losing 50-100lbs but this guy already shed 200lbs that's incredible. I don't want to sound mean here or anything, but it's this is even more incredible because usually fat people especially the ones that way 300+ are very lazy and don't care about their weight. But this guy did and did something about it. Good for him.


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Good for him. Its always good to see a person giving a damn about their health and life expectancy.


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Cardio can do some amazing things to your body! I used to use the elyptical machine for like 1-2 hours straight, 4-5 days a week when I was trying to lose weight. I dropped 164 pounds so I could join the Air Force.