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40 Lashes for naming a teddy bear Muhammad?


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A British teacher who is in the Sudan helping teach students there will be tried Thursday for the crime of naming her classes teddy bear Muhammad. The name was chosen by her students, who obviously did not realize that naming an animal Muhammad was an insult to Islam.

Sudan charges Briton with insulting religion - Africa - MSNBC.com

She faces penalties of either 40 lashes (which could easily result in death), a fine, or six months in prison. England is doing what is can to help her and hopefully get her sent back to England but at this point she is still going to be tried and possibly punished.

I hope this is able to be sorted out. None of the punishments mentioned are fair at all, although 40 lashes is one of the worst things that can happen to you. One lash would be painful enough and this is absolutely NOT a proportional punishment. An apology should be all that is necessary but once again Islamic law is shown to the world as harsh and very unfair. :shake:


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yeah I know what you mean.

The Islamic culture has been one of the only religions and cultures I dont care to discuss, because I think they are unfair and harsh.

That punishment is terrible, but they wouldn't have acted this way if it had been say Budda, or even Jesus Christ. In fact they probably would have been making fun of the bear then. They are unrealistic in their ways.


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That's ridiculous! 40 lashes? Isn't that still considered to be execution by law? That is a very unfair and very severe punishment for naming a teddy bear that, it's not even alive so it can't even officially have a name.

can it?


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She was found guilty yesterday and was sentenced to 15 days in prison. If I were her I would get out of there as soon as the sentence is up, however...

Sudan protesters seek Briton's execution - Africa - MSNBC.com

There are protesters in Sudan calling for her execution. It seems to me like this might be a good time to get out of the Sudan and never go back if I were her. It's MUCH too risky for her to stay now.


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I saw about this on TV. so what? what problem with this name and toy? Muhammed is not only name of minister's Allah (islamic GOD). its regular name for muslic boys. believe me! I was born and spend many-many years in muslim country (not Russia). and a lot of muslim people give name Kate for cats (for example). but Kate means Ekaterina and its name of Christian saint. why so many saying about discrimination of muslim people in Europe, but never about discrimination of Christians in arabic or asian countries?


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Hopefully she is able to get out of there alive.


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The problem is that Islamic culture does not view bears as good and friendly animals. They view them as ferocious killers, and the culture over there does now grow up with "Teddy Bears".

They view this as an insult to Muhammad for two reasons. First, naming an animal Muhammad is an insult to Muhammad, and two, naming an animal that kills its prey in a manner such as a bear is an insult to Muhammad.

It's ironic, I know. And I don't even have to point out the irony.


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There was an American guy who got paddled in Singapore for spray painting graffiti.
Haha, Weird Al made a song about that guy, ROFL.


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Man sometimes people take everything so seriously. I mean its one thing to be dedicated to God or whoever you worship and its another to take everything someone does as a personal insult when its not...come on