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Weird 40 historical photos


Free Spirit
Staff member
That zipline looked like it would be fun.

Those things people were covering their faces up with would drive you nuts and would scare the cat.

Ice cold whiskey dispenser in you office.lol

Those pictures of the women in Afghanistan were a surprise. They would have been better off if the Taliban never existed.


Registered Member
I agree with Hi. That zipline would've been hella fun!

Lots of great imagery there, and the ones of Bin Laden and Hitler are a little startling too.

My favourite would have to be the mid-sneeze one. I absolutely adore that. Made me laugh!


Registered Member
I think it often seems the past was always better than the present or future. Not always when you run across pictures like these. In think in this collection the worst pictures were during WW2 and the sixties racial riots. The two groups seem to catch my attention then most as what kind of things people really have been through.

Living in the US I have not imagined a house or anything else by a bomb being attacked such as happened in Europe. Europe had to not only go through this but even to feel the after math of it all. America came home to much better circumstances or a more well developed atmosphere things not blown out of the ground. . I can now see why though European immigrants decided to want to move here in then much better conditions America had in that time of history. Also you want to leave the doom and gloom feel in the past.

I certainly would want to move somewhere else more pleasant than an after war effects upon the lands and the people of the nations but during the Civil War I don't think Europe would particularly want to be living her during those times. Just when we think we have it bad look at these pictures and realize we have most of the thins many of those people wish they have had. I would pick any day to live where we are living at home than what has been shown in a number of these pictures of tragedies. .