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4 Users using 1 PC simultaneously


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That is what I am looking for....

I know there is a product out there from Xtenda that lets you do this. It consists of a PCI card and three remote units that connect to the PCI card with standard network cables. Each remote then has connections for the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Each user can do their own thing....

I'd like to use this type of product in a grade school computer lab to cut down on pc costs. The idea is that we would only need a fourth of the computers....

Any ideas?
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I am not looking for a KVM switch. I need something that will allow four users to use one pc simultaneoulsy. We are currently using a product that lets us do this, however, it is not as stable as I would like. I would post a link, but do not have enough posts yet. If you Google "Xtenda desktop expansion," you can see what I am talking about.

I am simply looking for a comparable product that is more stable.


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NComputing's New Xtenda X300 Desktop Expansion Kit Allows Three Additional Users to Share One Host PC; New System Builder/OEM Product Leverages Altera's Low-Cost FPGA Family to Reduce Hardware and Networking Cost for SOHO Users

ORANGE, Calif. -- NComputing, Inc., an emerging technology provider of "desktop streaming" technology and completed network solutions, introduces the new Xtenda X300 expansion kit. The Xtenda X300 allows up to three additional users to share one "host" PC for a maximum of four total users. This is possible thanks to a proprietary, multi-user technology implemented with Altera Corporation's Cyclone Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), NComputing's own terminal server software and Direct WoIP (Windows over IP) terminal protocol.
Each Xtenda X300 expansion kit includes one PCI card, three RJ45 output ports and three terminal boxes to connect via a CAT5 cable. The host PC and three X300 terminals run simultaneously and independently and unlike Thin Clients, expensive server software is not required. And, there are no hassles configuring a router, switch or a hub. Just load the included software and they're plug and play. The only requirement is that all users must be within 25-45 feet of the host PC, perfect for small businesses, home offices, school rooms and medical environments..


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I don't know if 4 users at the same time is a good idea.

What types of programs are you planning on running on these because only using 1/4 of a school computer doesn't sound like you'll be able to do much of anything because it will be so slow.


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Im with dDave on this. 4 users on 1 PC = Slow.

Why not get four low-end PCs?

You can pick up refurbished P4s(or older) for less than the cables needed to connect them. They will probably be faster, only downside is that they will use more electricity.


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Does anyone check dates before responding to posts?

Just curious.