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WWE hired three writers a few weeks ago. Two of them have already been fired. One gone is Ric Garni, who was a sports broadcaster from the Carolinas that was a long-time wrestling fan. He got let go because he didn't fit in well. He is also a huge Ric Flair fan, although he probably wasn't fired due to that. The other person let go was George Wellingford, who is a Hollywood writer. He ended up burying himself and was let go. At the end of a recent Raw taping, he went around to a lot of people working the show and said, "See you tomorrow at Raw." That immediately exposed that: 1) He didn't know he was already at Raw. 2) He didn't know that the show on Tuesdays was SmackDown. 3) Considering that he said "See you tomorrow" to people on Raw, he wasn't aware that the people on Raw weren't going to be at TV the next day because people on Raw fly home after the show. Considering that he had little clue as to where he was and how things in WWE work, they had no choice but to let him go.

It looks like "Hurricane Steph" has claimed two more victims. It's just coming out that WWE (with Stephanie McMahon more than likely behind the moves), quietly released two talents within the past week. Their names haven't been reported yet, but they should be coming out within the next few days. Considering that WWE hasn't announced anything regarding a release within the last few days, it probably wasn't anyone from the main three rosters. The individuals in question were likely from developmental, or perhaps it was someone sitting on the sidelines (i.e. Henry O. Godwinn, Rob Conway, Too Cold Scorpio, Nick Mitchell) and not on the main roster. Or perhaps it was someone from behind-the-scenes. We'll keep you posted on the names and stories behind them when they finally come out. There is said to be a "hilarious" story behind one of the firings.



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About the annoucers, I just heard that on TV, and she did a good job of letting them know.

But, why the f*ck did she employ them in first place?


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I guess like anybody they thought they would work and fit in right there but eventually over the long run they didn't suit Stephanie's needs. Man I pitty HHH sometimes ....