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3ds 3DS launch titles and many, many others announced!


Formerly "Maikeru"
Straight from Nintendo everything:

Launch titles

nintendogs cats (3 versions) - 4800 yen each
*Toy Poodle & New Friends
*French Bull & New Friends
*Shiba & New Friends
Winning Eleven 3DSoccer - 5800 yen
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition - 4800 yen
Sengoku Musou Chronicle - 6090 yen
Tobidasu! Puzzle Bobble 3D - 4980 yen
Ridge Racer 3D - 6090 yen
Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D - 5040 yen
Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle - 5980 yen

Future releases

And more-

Dead or alive dimensions gameplay


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That actually looks pretty cool.

I don't see it as a necessity but it would definitely be really cool to have, I'll have to look into it later though.

I wonder if they will ever release DK 64 this time, I've been waiting for that for 11 years. :lol: I hear that they will also be releasing Stafox 64. Ocarina of Time looks sweet too.


rainbow 11!

i might get it just for that.

i'm such a sucker for anything that is kingdom hearts.


Formerly "Maikeru"

i might get it just for that.

i'm such a sucker for anything that is kingdom hearts.
so did you enjoy Birth by sleep? Its apparently the best in the series ^^


Problematic Shitlord

If games weren't 40-50 bucks each and the system itself so expensive, I'd be far more interested because some of these games look really good.


AKA Ass-Bandit
I noticed the Professor Layton & Phoenix Wright crossover up there, and thought I should mention that your best chance of getting it when the 3DS is released is to just import a Japanese 3DS and the game.

No current plans to distribute the game in the west makes me an unhappy panda.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Some of these games do look really cool. Is the Ocarina of Time remake exactly the same as the original but in 3D? Or are they changing some other things?

I miss the Pilotwings games.


Ms. Malone
I've heard a lot of interesting things about the 3DS, it's going to have 3 cameras, you can create a DS Mii (Like a Wii me) and the 3D effects can be turned off; which was added for safety reasons.


Internet Dig Dug
I'll probably get it after a year of it being out on the Market so there will be more games that I might want to get when it comes out.