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3D views


Registered Member
Hey, does anybody here ad 3D views to their auctions? I've seen several lately that have them and they look really neat-- and useful. Has anybody else seen these?


Registered Member
Just another thing not to load for us dial-up users. :p I think it is a great idea if the thing you are selling requires looking at the back - like statuary or something like that. As long as the picture is very clear still, of course.


what? no pink?
hmm I have yet to see one of these auctions. I think it would be a great idea for a car. or maybe even furniture.


Registered Member
I haven't seen a 3D auction yet! Interesting. I could see that for some items, it would be important to see every single little angle.

But, for someone who still remembers the pain of dial-up... I wouldn't want to ever do anything that could take a while to load.

I want my auction to look nice, but be simple enough for everyone to load. I know I, myself, have no patience and will click off a page that takes too long to upload.


Registered Member
That's an interesting concept. I haven't seen one yet and will be on the look out. I can see where it would be useful for some types of items. As others have said, if it increases the load time too much, I won't be interested. I wish people would give you the option of clicking music and scrolling galleries on or leaving them off, depending on the viewer's preference.


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It's sort of a no-win situation, though. For dial-up users, all the graphics and music are a pain... but high-speed users won't want to go to the trouble to click to have music, graphics, etc. in an auction that they might just be taking a quick peek at. I know I wouldn't (I'm lazy).


Registered Member
which begs the question, if people wouldn't click to see it, would it really be that great to have it forced on them?