3d tv?


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Samsung Introduces Broad 3D TV Lineup, DreamWorks Deal - Forward Thinking by Michael J. Miller

Why am I just hearing about new 3D TVs? How can things be more 3D, I don't understand it. You can only get so lifelike!

So I saw this on the news a minute ago. Sony is about to release their first one. It showed some kid sitting on the couch wearing shades looking at the TV and smiling. So now we have to wear shades to watch TV.

"MOM! Where's the remote?! Wait, nvm, I found it! But... where the hell are the shades?"


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yup... they were talking about releasing 3d tv's a while back. With movies like Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, and many many more to come stressing the value of the Stereoscopic 3d.... it was only a matter of time before we went from Black and White---> Color---> High Definition---> 3d.

Here was my original thread on it....

Samsung also released the pricing sheet for these TV's.... prepare to gag a bit.

Samsung Announces Availability And Pricing Of Next Generation Lineup Of Led Hdtvs Samsung Newsroom
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Well you are talking about 3d TV launched or launching by Sony ! 3d means the motion of video is three dimensional. I was even reading about Sony has made a lcd tv which can detect the physical world. By this approach you dont need to connect controllers of the video game . If some one want to play tennis then he can play game with the real tennis racket.