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Hardware 3D Printers


aka ginger warlock
3D printers are not really new technology, they have been around for a while now but only recently have they really captured the imagination and the mind of the general public. At this years Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vages however they have made something rather interesting with 3D Printers; the ability to print food, the story can be found here.

Looking on Amazon the cheapest 3D printer I could find was £469. This sounds like a bargain considering the next model up is about double that but you do have to build it yourself and it does not come with a case, you literally just get the components.

It is hard to argue the worth of this considering the capabilities and what can be done with them. If one of these was out on a battle field for example and an engineer broke something they could create a spare part. The same could be said where they have had natural disasters and things need to be built and in a hurry but on a home market? I am uncertain. I would like one, I really would but the cost is just so high and to be fair I wouldn't use it for its real function, I would just mess about with and make stupid things, probably things like cubes of whatever just because I could...

But what is your take on them? Is there a viable home market or are they simply for people such as in the army? Would you ever buy one for example if you were an architect or design major?