3d Gaming.... And it starts!


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Nintendo has Announced the DS will be 3d Enabled, See here:

Less than a week before the latest -- and largest -- in the best-selling Nintendo DS series of handhelds hits streets, the company has unveiled plans for its successor: a new DS model capable of displaying three-dimensional images without the need for glasses.

The new portable -- currently named the "Nintendo 3DS" -- will be compatible with all current Nintendo DS games, including those for the machine's most recent model, the DSi. Nintendo plans to release more information on the new device at the E3 video game trade show in June and to release the device itself sometime before March 2011, the company said in a press statement.

It's not yet known how the 3DS will produce its visuals, but early speculation has centered around face-tracking technology, which uses a built-in, front-facing video camera to detect where the player is looking and shifts the perspective of the game's view accordingly. At least one Nintendo DSi game, 3D Hidden Picture, already uses the tech, but it's also possible Nintendo could have something completely new in mind.

But although venturing into the third dimension is something of a surprise move for the company -- which has been critical of the burgeoning 3D gaming trend recently -- it won't be their first portable 3D system.

The Virtual Boy, released amid the mid-90s virtual reality craze, could display monochrome 3D effects using a separate screen for each eye. But doomed by a dearth of games and terrible consumer reaction, the system was rapidly discontinued. It's still remembered as one of Nintendo's few missteps.

It's also a curiously timed announcement, coming just a week before Nintendo's new extra-large DSiXL goes on sale in North American retailers. The new machine will carry screens 93% larger than the current DSi, a larger stylus, and extended battery life, and will come with a suite of pre-installed software that includes two titles from the popular Brain Age series.

Nintendo announces new 3D-enabled DS - Plugged In - Yahoo! Games
Think this will fail like the past VR headsets did back in the mid/late 90's? Or is it time for 3d Gaming to become a reality?

It took Sony what? 3-4 years or so before they adapted the Playstation Move... the Wii knockoff controller that tracks movement.... I wonder how long it'll take Sony or Microsoft to start building on to Nintendo's 3d concept.

Think this will remain a handheld only feature for a while considering prices of 3d tv's are so outrageous?

OH! And Could this be the hint as to what to expect from the Playstation 4 and the 3rd Xbox?


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Without knowing what tech they are going to use then its hard to know what success it might be.

Its also hard to imagine any new technology being as bigger failure as some of the 90's flops. The momentum of the industry is well and truly established now, back then there was a bit of hit and hope with consumer demand as people made feeble attempts and wacky ideas to out do rivals and try and secure niches, nowadays the market seems to know where it is heading, research and devolpment is now hand in hand with innovation, where as before they were seperate entities.

...if nintendo are confident to go 3D then they should do it, I would like Sony & Microsoft to not just follow suit but find their own niche. In the same way Nintendo took a step back and instead of entering the console race with a high-powered machine to take on the 360 and PS3 they went back to basics and looked for a new direction. Im a bit fearful that the big 3 will just steam along this 3D path and neglect other possibilities.


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I can imagine that it will give a lot of people headaches. As Bananas pointed out it's hard to say how much shelf life it will have. It could be one step closer to true VR: "YOU ARE THE GAME!" :lol:


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I think it's likely they'll be using an autostereoscopic LCD display. Makes perfect sense if they're trying to attempt it without special glasses.


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Humm the ps3 will feature full 3D by the end of this year it has been announced for almost an year, you don't need to buy a new TV, you can just upgrade though firmware.

The 3DS is a pretty stupid idea, although im sure it will sell, but unless it has an option to run the games normally... i don't see a lot of people using 3D glasses outdoors to play their DS.


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i don't see a lot of people using 3D glasses outdoors to play their DS.
It won't use glasses; Nintendo have specifically stated that it will allow games to be, and I quote, ""enjoyed with 3D effects without the need for any special glasses."

Further, Satoru Iwata and Shiggy have said that they don't like the idea of 3D glasses in gaming. I find it hard to imagine that the President and CEO of Nintendo would then OK a new handheld with 3D glasses after going on record with that statement...

As I mentioned above, it's likely they'd use and autostereoscopic LCD display. This type of display allows for a 3D effect without the use of special headgear or glasses.

An evolutionary development of stereoscopy, autostereoscopic display technologies use optical trickery at the display, rather than worn by the user, to ensure that each eye sees the appropriate image. They generally allow the user to move their head a certain amount without destroying the illusion of depth. Automultiscopic displays include view-dependent pixels with different intensities and colors based on the viewing angle; this means that a number of different views of the same scene can be seen by moving horizontally around the display. In most automultiscopic displays the change of view is accompanied by the breakdown of the illusion of depth, but some displays exist which can maintain the illusion as the view changes.


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Looks like they really are going the iPod route of regular incremental upgrades rather than a sweeping new model then. I suppose they want to keep bringing out the hardware but not cut off the massive software support the DS still gets.


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Actually Chris_Bosh, this is supposed to be new hardware, apparently with largely upgraded graphics and everything.

Personally I don't really care about the 3D (as I haven't about the rest of Nintendo's gimmicks), I'm just happy that Nintendo is finally going to stop milking the DS. Glad we're finally going into the future here.

But I will reserve any judgments on this until I see the quality of the games. because in the end that is all that matters.