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350lb dolphin jumps in boat


Free Spirit
Staff member
This family went out for they day on their boat when a pod of dolphins started swimming along beside them. Then unexpectedly one of them jumped in their boat. It hit the daughter, luckily she wasn't seriously injured, but when it landed on the mom it broke both her ankles.

The dolphin did survive, albeit with a bloody nose. Looked to be a fair amount of blood on the boat.


Can you imagine being on a boat with an animal that big thrashing around. That would have been seriously scary. I'm glad this almost never happens. Family was lucky no one was killed.

Of course I don't know how big that boat is, really doesn't look that big, but that Dolphin doesn't look like it would weigh 350 pounds. Big yes but not 350 big. Maybe I'm wrong.



Registered Member
That so totally is scary! :eek: I never knew that ever happened. But yeah 350 sounds right. Dolphins have tons of muscle so they are like Pit Bulls with flippers. Well Im really happy they dont live on land. They could be jumping on cars.


Well-Known Member
The dolphin prolly had a flash back from a past life as an Athenian Senator. Mom was prolly way hot.