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Movies 30 Days Of Night


Forum Drifter
Me and a couple friends went to see this Friday night. I have to be honest, I was very excited to see it. I love these kinds of movies and I also like Josh Hartnet. However I pretty disappointed with this movie. Don't get me wrong. The effects are awesome (thanks Weta) and the action is pretty cool. It even had a surprising ending that I didn't see coming which was nice.

But overall this movie lacked very many things. The trailer said it would re-define the genre though it still had the same setup, same dialog, same predictable elements as most other undead movies. It definitely has it's moments, but overall I wish I would have kept my $9 and saw this in the $1.50 theater instead. It's worth a watch in my opinion but definitely doesn't re-define anything.


Ms. Malone
I haven't seen it but it doesn't look like much. Being based on anotehr graphic novel i think it's trying to compete with 300.