Movies 30 days of night


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Just saw this film tonight, anyone else seen it?
There were parts of it that were cool but it was really full of horror cliches and the ending was quite rediculous.


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Can you throw some details into a spoiler tag, I've never heard of the movie and I'd like to know a little more about it.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Sure thing;

Basically it's set in this town in Alaska where its dark for a whole month. Basically oppurtunist Vamps see this as a 30 day all you can eat buffet. Think night of the living dead meets 28 days later with an ending stolen from doom


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Doesn't sound like it has the kind of plot that could keep me interested for the entire length of a movie.


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Hmmm, I already saw it yesterday...It was not that scary, it's just a typical vampire and everything,....But I'm Curious...Is it true that one of the town in alaska has a 30 days of night??


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The movie looked alright, but its didn't hit me as something i would run out and see. I'll watch it on HBO sometime, or maybe even wait until it hits regular cable.


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I probably won't see this in the thearters. I don't see myself spending any money on this one. I will just wait till it makes it to Starz etc.