30 Days: Gun Nation


Hell, It's about time!
This is one of the best videos I have ever seen.

Hulu - 30 Days: Gun Nation - Watch the full episode now.

This is one of the most un-biased gun videos I have ever seen. Basically a gun-control advocate decides to go head first into the mind of a firearm advocates life.

She lives in MA and having a friend who was shot by a criminal she decided that she wants to see why people like guns so much. She takes the initiative to go live with a family in rural Ohio to see why they like guns so much.

This video really does not take one side over the other, it just shows what happens when a gun control advocate lives with a firearm advocate for 30 days. It is really interesting and opens up the mind a bit.

If you have 45 minutes I strongly recommend you watch this :)


Son of Liberty
I took the time to watch it.

Its a good video, I've enjoyed some of Morgan Spurlocks "quests" and this one is pretty neato also. I wouldnt say that I'm convinced she was 100% changed, although I will say she softened up and realized that there are good people out there that traffic, handle, and just have guns in their lives. Which was a much better stance then where she was flat out associating Guns with Crime in the start of the video.

The only reason I say she didnt make a full 180 is because of the last comment towards the end where she says something to the effect of "At least he's owning up to accepting a law should be made, I'll take credit for that". Which to me means she went in with Alterier motives of going in and trying to convert them instead. So meh, it was a win win I 'spose in the end but yeah good times.