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30 Day Song Challenge - Day 9


Well-Known Member
Day 9 - A song that you can dance to.

I can dance to anything if i'm drunk. I'll have to see if I can find an okayish song I dance to when i'm sober for this one though.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I think Day 9 should be which song the bizz can't dance too. I'm just a dancing machine. But the song I enjoy dancing the most too is Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. Every time I hear that song at a club/bar or at a party I always try to do some famous MJ dance moves, like the moonwalk, the spin, the crotch grabbing, and many more.


still nobody's bitch
Damn rep spread.

I can dance to almost anything funk, Brick House is one of my favorite songs to dance to, but since I can't rep Biz for that post without spreading it first, I'll go with MJ's Rock With You

YouTube - Michael Jackson - Rock With You

If I hear a song that has a good beat, I pretty much can't not dance. Even if I'm in my car.
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rainbow 11!
YouTube - Donora Backbeat

I danced to this song in Scotland a lot. Their entire album was pretty much one of the few things I listened to. I think it was that album, Insomnia by Faithless, and then some awesome Djing.


Registered Member
I'm a pretty awful dancer, although I'm not afraid to have a go. I think the best thing I danced to, and danced okayish to was this. Basically involved jumping about like a looney.

The Distillers - Drain the Blood

YouTube - Drain The Blood


I absolutely hate to dance. Other than slow dancing at graded school dances and the prom, I've done my best to avoid it all together. If I did dance, I was way too intoxicated to tell you what song was playing at the time. Haha.

I did dance to YouTube - Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby but only for a minute or so. Haha.
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