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30 Day Song Challenge - Day 6


Well-Known Member
I will say one thing for these challenges, they're actually making me remember what the date is. Hopefully by the end of the month I won't be sitting there wondering where the fuck it went :lol:

Day 6's challenge is to post a song that reminds you of a somewhere. Don't confuse it with a song that reminds you of an event. And again, some kind of description of the place it reminds you of and why.

I'll post mine later. Need some time to actually think of one.


yellow 4!
Any song by Aerosmith reminds me of Texas. I remember driving through huge amazing landscapes of TX with my dad listening to an Aerosmith CD, and I think it's the first time I fell in love with road trips. The band now reminds me of that whole state.

This song probably being the one I associate with it the most...

YouTube - Aerosmith-Rag Doll


rainbow 11!
I would have to say insomnia by.... Uhm. I can't remember and I am in class and can't look it up. Lol but anyway. The techno song. It reminds me of Scotland because it was the song I listened to the most while visiting.


Lion Rampant
Mike Ness of Social Distortion wrote "Highway 101" about driving between the Bay Area and Los Angeles. When I listen to it, though, I picture mostly the more scenic coastal route Highway 1, which I always prefer to take despite the longer drive time.

Good tune: YouTube - Social Distortion-Highway 101


still nobody's bitch
Purple Rain by Prince reminds me of my high school. It came out when I was in high school, our school colors were purple and white, and we used it as a sort of slogan - Purple Reigns. When I hear it, the memory is so strong I can almost smell it.

YouTube - Prince - Purple Rain.


Registered Member
Wow, this has been my favorite thread yet, as far as people's song choices and their accompanying memories. It's also made me long for a road trip ;)

My own memory is also of a road trip--my girl and I were driving home from the Irish Hills area in Michigan, and it was fall, and the trees were full of color but were beginning to shed their leaves, so the ground was a blanket of oranges and reds and browns and golds, and the sun was raining down through the trees, flickering almost a strobe light, but there was also the hint of a storm in the air. It was a Monday. And this song came on as the sky turned darker and fat raindrops began to fall:

YouTube - Allman Brothers / Stormy Monday

(The Allman Brothers, "Stormy Monday").

Now, every time I hear this tune, I am taken back to those moments in the car, the strange quality of the light and the breathtaking colors all around me, and the way the sound of the rain against the car perfectly accompanied this slow-burn jam...


Well-Known Member
This song, and their entire greatest hits album reminds me of Sumner Beach, Chirstchurch. Me, my best friend of the time, her boyfriend and the guy I was dating at the time spent a weekend up there one summer, and that CD was playing most of the time. Amazing people, great company, just overall good times.

YouTube - Sublime - What I Got


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
YouTube - Toto - Africa (HQ Audio)

I have never been to Africa, but Toto's song makes me want to go, and it reminds me of how great a trip to that continent would be.
It's so awesome that you picked that song...I was born on 12/2/82 and I was a month and a half early, so I had to stay in the hospital for a month or so. This song was popular then and played all the time there, my family had told me, so it actually has special meaning to me haha.

Keeping with the 80s theme, this song makes me think of a beach in Mexico because of it's chorus.

YouTube - Duran Duran - Rio
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