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30 Day Song Challenge - Day 4


Well-Known Member
Day 4 - A song that makes you sad. So, a song that even if you're in a good mood will bring you down.

There is one song that makes me more sad than this one, but I want to use it for the next round. So, instead it's this one...

YouTube - Avenged Sevenfold : Fiction Lyrics


Well-Known Member
Haha, i'm trying to make the challenge as specific as possible, because later on there are some similar categories and I can see how people would mix them up. But I will say the next round has nothing to do with sad songs...it's just the song I wanted to pick fits in that category more. Perks of making the threads I guess, I know what's coming. :)


Lion Rampant
Thom Yorke sounds and looks like he really feels what he sings about. In Radiohead's "True Love Waits," it's about being broken and shamefully vulnerable. With his world falling down around him, the song's protagonist pleads:

I'll drown my beliefs to have your babies
I'll dress like your niece and wash your swollen feet

Just don't leave
Don't leave

And when he does it live with an acoustic guitar and his voice cracking from emotion, it's the kind of song that makes you feel like your stomach's bleeding. :lol:

YouTube - Thom Yorke - True Love Waits


yellow 4!
I don't know how many times I've said this, but if any song could make me cry, then it would be this one...

YouTube - Fleetwood Mac - need your love

It's not supposed to be sad, it's a romantic song. But it's the one my parents both want played at their funeral and it makes me depressed to listen to it. That sound at the very beginning just gets me. I don't know how I'm going to sit through that and not bawl my eyes out some day :/
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