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30 Day Song Challenge - Day 29!


Well-Known Member
Day 29 - A Song From Your Childhood.

It can be something you remember your parents listening to, or a song that reminds you of a certain event when you were a kid.

For me it would be Motorhead but I think I already picked Ace of Spades in another thread. So i'll go with some Metallica cause my brother used to listen to it all the time as we were growing up and it reminds me of him.

metallica - whiskey in the jar video oficial - YouTube


aka ginger warlock
I don't remember a lot of what I listened to growing up so I can't pick one as a kid but this is a song of good memories:

Bran Van 3000 - Drinkin in LA

There was a pub I used to visit a lot in my teen years back in my home town, the pub is still there but it changed owners and it is just not the same anymore. Whenever we were in there this song would always be played at least once if not twice in one evening. It reminds me of many happy evenings with friends just sitting around relaxing.


I am the woolrus
Whiskey In The Jar also would have been a song from my childhood, but the Dubliners and Thin Lizzy's versions! :p

Like the Dubliners, the earliest music i would have been surrounded by would have been Irish folk and trad. One CD i remember clearly my mother always had playing in the kitchen was Paul Brady's 'MIssing Liberty Tapes'. She's a huge fan of his, and her band actually once supported him in the Royal Albert Hall back in the 70's! One of my favourite tracks off that album is this one:

Lakes of Pontchartrain - Paul Brady - YouTube
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