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30 Day Song Challenge - Day 19


Well-Known Member
For Day 19, post a song from your favourite album.

I hate choosing favourite anything. I mean...I kinda have a couple albums that I really love, but its hard choosing 1. I'll go with the last one of those that I listened to though, and that's Machine Head - The Blackening.

YouTube - Machine Head - Halo


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Hard to pick THE favourite album but this is one of my faves from also the top 3 bands I like: All American Rejects. I pick their Move Along Album. And while I initially wanted the upbeat Dirty Little Secret, I picked the more melancholic one: It Ends Tonight.

YouTube - The All-American Rejects - It Ends Tonight


Registered Member
I'm gonna go with "Methamphetamine Blues", by Mark Lanegan. I think he's one of the most underrated singers making music today--just an absolutely amazing voice--and this track is off his album "Bubblegum". The entire album is stellar, and it features Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri of QotSA, as well as PJ Harvey, Greg Dulli, Duff McKagan (!)... Fantastic stuff. Industrial blues, death dirges, drug-induced desperation, shattered-heart despair, all sung in Lanegan's whisky- and Marlboro-ravaged baritone. Yum.

YouTube - Mark Lanegan - Methamphetamine Blues.


The Hierophant
This is actually really hard for me because my favorite album is God Hates Us All by Slayer. What makes it hard is that I can listen to the album start to finish, over and over again. I think it flows from one song to the next really well and it's entire message is about blasphemy. But if I had to pick one song from that album I'd have to go with New Faith because I absolutely LOVE when the music cuts in the middle of the song for Tom Araya to scream "I KEEP THE BIBLE IN A POOL OF BLOOD SO THAT NONE OF ITS LIES CAN EFFECT ME!"

Fucking Epic, but it's an awesome album all together.

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