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30 Day Song Challenge - Day 17


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Day 17 - A song you started off hating, but now love, or tolerate.

For me these are songs that I would normally hate, but my friends play them a lot around me so i've grown to accept them. Everything from Blue October falls into this category. Me and a couple friends used to pick each other up for school, and when it was their turn, it would always be playing so I learnt to love it rather than complaining

YouTube - Blue October - Hate Me
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Better Call Saul
Staff member
I suppose if I thought about this a lot longer I could find a better option but something immediately popped into my head so I figured I should use that haha...

YouTube - Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Video)

Bring me to life by Evanesence. My roomie and I thought it was a joke that someone thought it was a good song and suggested it to us haha. I guess it was the female focals...

Anyway, I like it a lot more now but hated it at first. Or thought it was dumb, one of the two.


still nobody's bitch
Neil Young's After the Gold Rush. I didn't like Neil Young at all until I was dragged to his concert in 1993. Soundgarden and Blind Melon opened; too bad I didn't appreciate Soundgarden at the time. Anyway, now I love Neil.

YouTube - Neil Young - After The Gold Rush


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When I was a lot younger I had a friend who loved this track. I was still doing like Disney pop and he'd play it when I went to his house just to f**k with me! :mad: Well, about a year later I was like all over Hybrid Theory and I was playing it all the time! Now I totally love it! :D

YouTube - Linkin Park - One Step Closer


Creeping On You
YouTube - Big & Rich - Save A Horse [Ride A Cowboy] (Video)

When that song first came out, I just couldn't stand it. However, I hear it so often at socials and bars, that it kind of grew on me. Now when it comes up somewhere, I'm one of the dudes waving my beer in hand and bobbing my head, shouting out the chorus. It can get fun.


Lion Rampant
I'm going to go with Michael Jackson for this one. His music was ultra-commercial to my ear and his death didn't sadden me too much, until the guy who had accused him of molestation recanted the story, claiming that he had been talked into giving false testimony by his parents. Listening to the song below, soon after that belated bombshell, connected me in a too-realistic way with his great vulnerability. I imagined the sensitive and child-like star sitting on the edge of his giant bed, crying when no one was there. This is a master work of musical production that my bias once kept me from appreciating.

YouTube - Michael Jackson - Will You Be There (lyrics)

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