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30,000 posts in the Wrestling section.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Congratulations to the Wrestling section for reaching 30,000 posts. I know we have a milestone section but I wanted to post it here since only wrestling members can truly appreciate this milestone.

This is section is one of the most active sections on the forums and I'm damn proud of it. I love the Wrestling debates we have on a day to day basis. I still believe we need more input from other Wrestling fans, and hopefully we'll see some new faces around here soon.

None the less I'm very proud and thankful. I can't speak for Millz but I'm sure he feels the same way. Lets continue the great work, and continue to have great wrestling conversations.


Haters gonna hate.
Wow. I can only say that I may have contributed about 300-400 posts here, but it is GREAT that we reached 30,000. Great job! More convos to come.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
This is a pretty ridiculous number of posts and I hope it continues into the future.

This truly is one of the most active forums on this website. People can say whatever they want about this form of entertainment but it is as popular as anything out there.

Keep up the good work peeps.


No Custom Title Exists
Jesus, I remember when this section was really struggling. Well done to all involved.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I agree Millz, it's definitely one of the most active sections on these forums, and this is one of the reasons why I like coming here so much. I love to discuss wrestling, and we get a lot of great discussions on the subject on a day to day basis. That said, I still believe we need some more views, that would only help us build this into a better forum in the long run. Either way, keep up the great work.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Congrats to everyone around here, especially Millz and Ruth for keeping things working so well. This section is why I came to GeneralForum, and it's always the first section I check when I log on and the last I check before I leave! I love the creativity and passion from the fans around here.

Cheers to the next 30,000!


Where is my Queen?
Wow, that is a crapload of posts...I probably have more than half of my 1,200 posts dedicated to just this section. This section was the reason I signed up on this forum. I don't have alot of friends that I can talk to on a daily basis about wrestling and this place gives me my fix. I remember when I joined GF I just jumped right into the wrestling section and didn't even cared about creating a introduction thread.
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