3-year old attacked by Python, parents facing abuse charges


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I'm not sure I totally understand this story. Basically, the father was keeping an 18-foot python for his friend in a cage behind closed doors (he claims) and somehow his three year old came into contact with the snake when it attacked him. The wife stabbed the snake repeatedly and pulled it off of her child and now the parents are facing neglect charges and may lose their child.

To me, this is a freak accident that requires parent counseling. If we offer rehabilitation to addicts, why not to parents who make these sorts of mistakes? Snakes don't just break out of proper cages which means there's no way it was a proper cage. That's an idiot mistake that could have cost these people their child and they need to be given some counseling, not have their child taken away.

I think as a society we're too quick to take kids away from people rather than help them.


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As an almost victim of CFS, I can attest to the stupidity and jerk reaction these people have. At the slightest hint of abuse, or "neglect", they just swoop in and take the kids away. Without any regard to which parent is the abuser, or whether the kid actually wants to leave. In my case, all they needed to do was throw my stepdads ass in jail, and boom, problem solved. But instead, they traumatized my two little brothers by putting them in a foster home for half a year. Freaking jerk faces

Yah, in this case, they'd do better just to smack the parents upside the head, tell them to smarten up and house the thing properly, and let them keep the kid. Taking the kid away doesn't help the kid, it just screws him up.


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I mean, there are definitely cases where children need to be rescued (sexual abuse, serious neglect such as lack of clean living space and food) but a lot of these abuse cases you see stupid parents, not evil parents and I think very few people see the distinction. Stupid parents will leave the stove on with their four year old in the room. "Evil" or unfit parents will punch the kid after he/she gets burned by touching the stove.

Most parents in my opinion are dumb, but that's because having kids is a big change and requires a shit load of patience, common sense, and care and most people have trouble transitioning from the lovely life of a loving couple to mommy and daddy.


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As a big snake owner I can tell you that the snake wasn't caged (for lack of a better word) properly and should have never been in the same house or room as small children or pets.

Any snake that crossed the 15 ft mark does not need to be around kids or pets period.
From what I understand they are not the owners of the snake, they were just snake sitting and had no clue as how to handle or care for such a large creature.

I don't think charges are in order, this was a stupid mistake based on lack of knowledge of the animal and how it reacts to certain things. I am also willing to say the snake had not been feed in a while. Snakes like that only attack for food.

it is a shame the snake had to die (beautiful creature) but it is understandable why she killed it.

This all now hinges on weather a judge sees it as Child abuse or just a freak accident.


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I vote child abuse, but I'm a cynic so here's to hoping I get proven wrong.

Yeah I was going to add that as well, no way this snake would just lunge at that kid unless it was hungry. Doesn't it take a while for a snake to need to be hungry again? Unless he's being fed little mice which probably wont suffice.


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I think this is a truely shocking story but agree it sounds like a freak incident - placing the child in care is far more detrimental surely.


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A snake that size is eating 2 or 3 full sized rabbits every week to two weeks or more given the size of the snake.

Once a snake has reached 10ft or bigger it should never and I mean never be handled alone. A snake that size should have been donated to a zoo or a place that is set up to take care of Big snakes.

I have donated 3 of my big snakes to local zoos when they get too big for me to handle. My biggest was a 23 1/2 foot python to the Phoenix zoo, and 2 others to the Griffin foundation to use in their snake demonstrations.


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I wasnt even aware you could donate animals to the zoo, that is a very interesting thing to know!

To call this child abuse is a little farfetched if you ask me. There are way more rough situations to slot as child abuse, this IMO is just poor pet-handling that could definitely be punished as Negligent Endangerment.


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This really was an act that could not have been foreseen by anyone, although I will say that the father should have stored the python a little better as so it would not come in contact with anyone that it can harm. If the 3-year-old was able to come into contact with the snake, then it wasn't safely secured.

But this really seemed like an accident, nothing more.



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As already said I just see this as a accident. Parents shouldn't get there kids taken off them for a mistake or what ever. Maybe counseling or something if needed but that's it.