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3 shot dead 10 minutes from my house!


Hell, It's about time!
Just heard this yesterday morning... I go by that area all the time. It's rather spooky to think some nut killed 3 people 8 miles from me. I believe this made national news. This is stuff that happens in other communities. I guess to everyone else, we are another community.

Luckily we don't have people nutty enough in Harrisburg to blame the weapon.

Update: Police confirm three killed in Franklin County shooting | State News - WGAL Home

Video news report inside the link.
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I've had someone murdered in a house not 100 feet away from mine. I honestly didn't think anything of it because they suspect and victim new one another, it wasn't some crazy murderer. I didn't even know the victim. A lot of my neighbors were freaking out for whatever reason. I mean it would be horrible news if they knew the person, but they were scared for their safety. Fools.


Free Spirit
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I can't believe the idiot took his 4 year old daughter with him when he fled the area. Glad she wasn't hurt and they got him.

I don't blame the gun, a gun has no mind of its own, I blame the person with the finger on the trigger.